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Post Kuno Forest Festival: A Fusion of Wildlife, Luxury, and Culture

Nestled within the lush greenery of the Kuno National Park, the Kuno Forest Festival stood as a beacon of extraordinary celebration. The festival was held at the Kuno Forest Retreat, situated in the heart of a renowned national park in Madhya Pradesh, where the allure of the wildlife sanctuary and the richness of cultural heritage beautifully converged. 

Over the course of four remarkable days, this carnival was not just an event but a blend of the beauty of the wild with local traditions, offering adventures and tranquil experiences in nature’s serenity.


Guests who stepped into this enchanting realm of the Kuno National Park experienced each day at the festival as a chapter from a fabled storybook. The festival was a symphony of colours, sounds, and emotions, celebrating the diverse and dynamic spirit of both nature and human creativity. It was an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the wilderness, to connect with age-old traditions, and to experience a unique blend of activities that exhilarated and soothed the soul. Amidst the scenic backdrop of the national park, the festival promised not just memories but a profound reconnection with nature and a deeper appreciation of cultural heritage, making it a truly unforgettable experience for all the attendees.

Read on to explore the highlights of the vibrant Kuno Forest Festival, where nature’s splendour and cultural richness had come alive.

Festival Kickoff – A Sunrise of Anticipation


The festival began with a heartfelt welcome at the Kuno Forest Retreat, located in the Kuno National Park setting the tone for an unforgettable adventure. The day began with a feast of local cuisine, immersing visitors in authentic flavours and setting the mood for the evening’s cultural showcase. The Nyasa Band’s performance, blending the folk traditions of India with contemporary rhythms, set a mesmerising tone for the days ahead.

A Safari to Remember


Day two began with an exhilarating morning Jungle Safari in Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh, featuring the first-ever Cheetah Safari in India, a historic highlight of the Kuno Forest Festival.

Visitors then participated in a Naturopathy Workshop amidst the rustling leaves and melodious bird songs in the heart of the wildlife sanctuary, celebrating the therapeutic benefits of plant medicine and mud therapy. As evening fell, the festival’s cultural programme and live concert brought the grounds to life. The highlight was Gautam Kale, a versatile vocalist whose harmonious blend of devotional and enchanting tunes captivated the visitors. This soulful performance under the starlit sky was followed by a night walk, offering a unique opportunity to explore Kuno National Park’s nocturnal wonders and gaze at the vast, starry expanse above.

Exploring Indigenous Culture


The third day was marked by scenic trekking through the breathtaking landscapes of the national park in Madhya Pradesh, offering an intimate connection with nature. The guests then took part in the Indigenous Cooking Workshop, exploring the rich flavours and cultural significance of traditional cuisine. The evening was graced by a cultural programme and a live concert, featuring the soulful performances of Des Band. Rahul and Rohit Mishra captivated the audience with a harmonious blend of classical, folk, and spiritual melodies. The day concluded under the mystical night sky, enriched by the cultural experience.

A Celebration of Culture and Nature

Celebration at Kuno
Celebration at Kuno
Celebration at Kuno

The fourth day blended the splendour of nature with the enchantment of music and culture. The morning Jungle Safari offered a last intimate encounter with the vibrant wilderness. This was followed by a  unique Tribal Art and Culture Workshop with the Sahariya Tribe, in collaboration with The Corbett Foundation, where guests engaged in painting, and mud house construction, and gained insights into tribal lifestyle. 

This cultural immersion was complemented by a soulful musical journey with the Saadgi Soul Band. The festival concluded with a tranquil night walk providing a serene finale to the enriching experience.

Thrills in the Sky and Adventures on Land


The air at the festival was alive with excitement as visitors soared through the skies with thrilling air activities. Hot air ballooning and paramotoring offered bird’s eye views of the lush landscape. On land, the adventure continued with a diverse array of activities. Enthusiasts tested their skills in duo cycling, rope courses, and gun shooting, while the more adventurous embarked on jungle safaris, night walks, and ATV rides. 


For those seeking a blend of fun and challenge, zip-lining, paintball, and trekking provided an adrenaline rush, and the festival also included serene star-gazing sessions, creating a perfect balance of thrill and tranquillity.

Beyond the Festival – Memories and Inspiration

Beyond-Memories at Kuno

As the Kuno Forest Festival concluded, it left behind a treasure trove of memories and inspiration. With hearts full of happy memories, they departed, each carrying a renewed appreciation for nature’s beauty and the richness of indigenous culture. The experience at the festival not only brought them closer to the spirit of adventure but also deepened their connection to the natural world, making the moment of check-out bittersweet yet fulfilling.

Experience the Magic of the adventurous Kuno


Thank you for joining us on this virtual journey through the Kuno Forest Festival, located in the heart of Kuno National Park, a majestic wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh

While this year’s festival has come to an end, the magic of Kuno lives on, and we warmly invite you to experience the wonders for yourself. 

Nestled in serene surroundings, Kuno Forest Retreat offers comfortable and luxurious accommodations, providing the perfect setting to unwind and connect with the nature and culture of Madhya Pradesh. Discover the enchantment of Kuno for yourself, and become a part of the adventure that continues beyond the festival.

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